Order Manager

The Order Manager application is intended for herd managers or farmers who provide food directly to consumers whose clients or shareholders are divided into distinct driving groups with their own pickup dates. The Order Manager application allows you to key in the incoming orders for each group, then print Pick reports to assemble the order and Detail reports to send back with each driver for billing purposes. Order Manager will track each member's milk usage and will indicate how many units are available and how many units have been used month to date based on the member's number of purchased shares. Order Manager can also print a Year End report, showing total item sales and total retail for a particular year for tax purposes.

This application is being made freely available to the raw milk community in the hope that it will reduce the overhead and barriers to entry involved in managing a herd share. If it is easier to start and keep a herdshare running then there will hopefully be more farmers willing to manage them. Consumers tend to fill up the available shareholder spots once word gets around, so more herdshare managers will result in more raw milk consumers. When there are enough raw milk consumers we will hopefully one day reach a tipping point when politicians, state bureaucrats and health officials will be forced to recognize the legitimacy of the raw milk movement.

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Order Manager Features:

Order Manager Documentation in Adobe .pdf format.

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Sample Pick List report.
Sample Order Detail report.

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